• Just About Enough

      In this new 90 minute concert special, Tim once again weaves us into the fabric of his whacked-out world, from the horribleness of generic groceries to a painful tubing trip in Minnesota. He delves into the strangeness of Mom Phrases, bravely asking what the rest of us have been wondering since childhood: What in sweet mercy does lolly-gagging mean? Is gallavanting an IKEA dish? This high-energy show also features live musical performances of new fan favorites like "I'll Clean Up For You" and "On Eagles Wings”, an awesome original mash-up of "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "Amazing Grace".

      Filmed in front of 1800 insane fans at Bayside Church in Roseville CA.

      "The most frequently asked question of us has been... 'Was Tim always funny?' We say it depends on who you ask. Most of our family and friends thought so. But they didn't have to teach or coach him while he was 'developing his craft.' The teachers, choir directors, and school bus drivers who time after time told him they'd had 'just about enough' might have a thing or two to say about his comedy..."

      - Nelda Hawkins

    • That's the Worst

      This concert is the worst.
      1.5 hours of pure terrible.

    • Greatest Hits & Greatest Bits

      Get 3 hours of the best stand-up and music from Tim Hawkins!

    • Push Pull Point Pow

      Recorded live at The Warehouse in Little Rock, Push Pull Point Pow delivers 80 minutes of new stand-up from Tim. Includes live performances of fan favorite songs including Yoga Pants, Colonoscopy, and Pretty Pink Tractor.

    • Rockshow Comedy Tour

      Rockshow Comedy Tour contains stand up, music, and behind the scenes material from Tim Hawkins, Bob Smiley, and John Branyan recorded at their Rockshow Comedy Tour shows in California.

    • Insanitized

      "INSANITIZED" contains 70 minutes of fresh stand up and music from Tim recorded live at the world-class Carson Center in Paducah, KY.

    • I'm No Rockstar

      Rental cars, motels, ironing clothes… Tim Hawkins is no rockstar. But he can tell you the worst Bible verse to put with your autograph.

    • Full Range of Motion

      Filmed before a sold out crowd in Dallas, "Full Range of Motion" contains 74 minutes of Tim's stand-up comedy.